I’m Decluttering My Life To Make Room For My Blessings!

Are you ready for your miracle?

…. I think I opened one of the best emails I have ever received this year! I subscribed to Baucemag.com to get some more #girlboss inspiration and although most of their posts are geared at people in the U.S…. Well, this one hit home!
Apart from being a Fashion Stylist – I am human! I experience all the things a girl experiences while trying to juggle the stress of being Self – Employed!
Family, friendships, broken hearts, health – you name it!
So here is something for you to digest.. I still am!

How cluttered is your space right now?

Like literally at this instant? Do you have weeks old laundry that’s due for a cleaning? Have you unpacked your luggage from your last trip yet? We all get a little reckless about “keeping neat” sometimes and we get it. Clothes gets shrugged off after a long day at work and shoes are tossed on the floor after stumbling in late at 3 AM. But did you know that all that physical clutter might be blocking you from something? That you might not be receiving the blessings you deserve because there’s just too much junk in your life
You see all that drama you have with your “frenemy”, the stress that you’re getting from work, the quips from your parents — they are all weighing you down. And when you’re weighed down, it’s hard to see what’s in front of you or what could be coming. It’s so easy to have your mind ruminate over past hurts and pains that desire to keep you stuck because your mental space is so clouded by it. You’re constantly thinking about “how much you hate your job” instead of sitting down, clearing out a path, and focusing on your game plan to get out of your “mess”. 

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Things To Consider When Shopping/Pulling For A Client.. #girlboss

I hope your following me on Instagram… If not then you missed this post! @ericafmstyle @byericamatthews

I get questioned regularly on “How to pull/get clothing from a brand?”

(Check out my YouTube for a step-by-step guide on how to do this! CLICK HERE)

 So here’s the scenario… You’ve managed to get an appointment to pull some clothing for a client – now the big question is..

“how do you choose what is right for your client?”

(I definitely think I’ll do a YouTube tutorial on this…)

So I am going to give yu some tips – in brief. On what you should consider when ‘pulling’ for a client:

Colour palettes

Body Shapes

Brand Customer/The Occasion

The Product focus (clothes must compliment key product/best features)

Clients Final Opinion

Need more help?…..







I can’t Believe this happened #bruh 


It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me and I’ve been trying to pull together my workshops for you guys along with juggle clients!

Can you believe.. I was in the middle of editing some newYouTube videos for you guys… And my laptop hard drive was erased *covers face*.

Onwards and upwards right? 

Stay tuned it’s coming soon! I’m doing all I can to make sure you guys are covered! 


Happy Monday! #MondayMotivation

A freelancer never has a weekend, but I’m glad I had tho one all to myself – kinda.

I thought I’d leave you with three of my favourite motivational quotes to get you through the week!

“Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring!”

@No matter where you are in life, you’ll save a lot of time by not worrying too much about what other people think about you. The earlier in your life that you can learn that, the easier the rest of it will be.”

– Sophia Amoruso

“A #GIRLBOSS is someone who’s in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. As a #GIRLBOSS, you take control and accept responsibility. You’re a fighter – you know when to throw punches and when to roll with them. Sometimes you break the rules, sometimes you follow them, but always on your own terms. You know where you’re going, but can’t do it without having some fun along the way. You value honesty over perfection. You ask questions. You take life seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re going to take over the world, and change it in the process. You’re a badass.”

Have an amazing week! Xxxo

10 Vogue Tips To Get Your Dream House! 


  1. “Over-decorating. It’s important to have visual pauses in rooms to create quiet moments.”
    —Ann Haagenson, divisional merchandise manager at Anthropologie
  2. “Too many different materials in the same space! I tend to be a materials minimalist. Reducing your materials palette is key to a clean, timeless look.”
    —Don Stewart, designer
  3. “One thing I always notice is that people are afraid to take risks at home. They play it too safe and feel paralyzed with too many choices, then their houses end up looking cookie-cutter with zero personality. I believe it’s important to try things out when decorating a home. Paint a wall a crazy color! Hang up a huge painting that you scored at a garage sale! If you get tired of the way something looks, change it up. I like to think of the home as a wet canvas; the process of home decor is ever-evolving. If you mess up and it looks terrible, you’ve learned something, right? The end result should match your personality.”
    —Justina Blakeney, designer, artist, author
  4. “Curtains mounted too low. Aim to mount them as close to the ceiling as possible—it will make the ceilings look higher.”
    —Katie Hodges, interior designer
  5. “People think that if they have small spaces they should use small furniture, and it’s actually the opposite. Volume will trick the eye and fill the space, making it all look more meaningful.”
    —Maria Brito, interior designer, author, curato
  6. “I do not find it interesting when an interior is either all classic or all modern. There needs to be a mix of pieces in order for a space to be interesting and engaging.”
    —Sara Story, designer
  7. “When there is no place to put your drink! It can be frustrating when extreme sparsity and prettiness have no relation to function.”
    —Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe, interior designers
  8. “The biggest mistake is buying everything from one store or one showroom or one collection. This makes for an uncreative and uninspired interior. Instead, take a little time to research antiques and more artisanal  companies to add into the mix. It may take more time and effort, but the result is so rewarding.”
    —Sasha Bikoff, interior designer
  9. “My biggest pet peeve is seeing decor with an area rug the size of a postage stamp. So many people under-scale a rug, which makes a room feel smaller and unbalanced. Dining chairs should never fall off a rug when pulled out. If we’re scaling a rug for a room, typically we measure anywhere from 6 to 12 inches off the walls or baseboard.”
    —Anne Hepfer, interior designer
  10. “Being afraid to break rules. Sometimes ‘mistakes’ turn into the best design moments. Decide what you want to feel in a space, then let the design arise out of that idea.”
    —Kelly Wearstler, designer

What To Do When Your Clients Clothes Don’t Turn Up…!

Yea… You read it right!

When your clients clothes don’t show up!

So, let’s talk about this rare but ‘very real’ casualty in a fashion stylists world. You plan everything out… You organise looks and order them and the brand pulls a no-show!

This has happened to me before and it may just happen to you! I’ve had a crazy few days with chasing a package that turned up not one… But three days late! Even when I tried to fix the situation by reordering for next day delivery… They done it again… *pinches the bridge of my nose*.

Let it be known, that no matter how well established you are or what brands you work with – no stylist has FULL CONTROL! Heck I’ve spoken to big Celeb stylists who are let down by brands, PR’s , Couriers… The lot. 

You may have to spend sleepless nights covering your tracks and sweating buckets frantically looking for pieces to help meet your clients needs. But from the emotionally and gruelling week I just had… I have come up with five pointers which I think may help if this issue comes up!


I’m a big advocate for planning… So don’t put contacting brands or ordering pieces till the last-minute. Order days before or call in clothes as soon as possible! This allows you to keep calm, stay professional, have enough time fix mistakes and most importantly organise your time more effectively. But let’s be real! Not all clients give you enough time! So find out a system that works for you! Get help if you need it!

Take a breather

I’ve seen some stylists completely lose it. Make rash decisions without thinking it through… Calling in 12x the amount needed or spending too much money. Just take a moment… Assess the situation and allow yourself to come up with the best solution.

I always give someone a call – my best friend, my mum or my stylist mates just to get another P.O.V. and to help calm me down and support me!


So apart from doing the necessary of contacting brands and letting them know the urgency and asking them to shift things about. If it’s really bad, communicate with your client. This is my ‘worst case scenario’ as I find if you can’t somehow pull a miracle out of your tight behind then you’re looking VERY unprofessional! Let them know the ‘need to know’ but reassure them that everything will be fine!

Bring out the money *ka-ching*

Whether it’s a credit card or you have financial support! Buy!!! Yes… Buy the clothes that will fit your clients needs and return them. This has saved my butt in so many occasions, but I’ve also found that often buying pieces has suited better as some PR’s are not willing to loan why you need (especially for commercial based jobs).

Also have ‘rainy-day’ money to cover any emergency courier/next day delivery costs, because I’ve had to do my fair share of those!

Stay confident 

No matter what… Remember they booked YOU!

Stay confident in knowing you are perfect for the job and although things may not have gone as you have planned! Do you… Do your magic.

You can make a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans look exceptional!! Pull that miracle out of your…. Ok I’m going to stop with that analogy but you get my point!

I have a ‘stylist kit‘ which is wardrobe with jewellery, accessories, clothes that I use for shoots (sometimes personally). But this has died me so many times!

Ask yourself – Have you ever walked past a necklace and said wow… That would be amazing for a shoot? My advise? – invest! It will come in handy one day! Trust me!

So let’s just say…. Things worked out on the end! The clients happiness came first as always and that’s what really mattered!

I hope this was helpful! xxxo

How To Become A Stylist – Click HERE


My Spring Summer Staple @zara


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Want Your ‘Brows on Fleek?’ – @Superdrug To The Rescue!

Never Underestimate the power of a pair of good brows, I believe they are literally the foundation to a ‘well put together’ beauty look. Many- a-time I leave the house bare-faced… but the brows have got to look tamed!

I have quite dark and thick hairs which annoyingly get sparse in the most random of areas, so I went on a quest to figure out how I can fix this and have the benefit of having to do less pencilling-on with my brows!

….Then it dawned on me, that my best mate Tiffany always used to get a quick tint after she had had her eyebrows threaded to give that extra umph as she has fair and delicate eyebrow hairs – duh!!

So after a few hours on Youtube videos I felt confident enough that I could try this out – youtube seems to do that! LOL! So I called on my drug store addiction ‘Superdrug’ to help me out!

About the product:

Eylure Dybrow is the ideal way to get dark glossy brows for up to 6 weeks.

A proven formula will darken lighter brows to ensure an even colour and beautifully defined brows.


Easy to mix and apply.

Comes with: Instructions, mixing wand, eyebrow brush, brow dye, brow dye activator, mixing dish.

My Thoughts:

I really loved this product, but wondered if I went a bit to heavy on the application on the beginning of the brow! But after much needed concealer clean-up (my brows needed threading) I loved how they looked! Continue reading

I Can’t Believe My Model Done That!! New Youtube Video!!

The Job as a fashion stylist is never a smooth one! Everyday is different and you definitely find yourself in some crazy situations! Models play such a big part of our job and i must admit I’ve worked with a fair share!!

Here is a Video on my top 10 Crazy Moments with Models. This is either to prepare you… or reassure you that you are not alone!



My @Justineskye & @MacCosmetics ‘Must-Have’ Film Noir Review!!


Film Noir by Mac Cosmetics


So… I’ve literally been obsessed with Mac Cosmetics ‘Raizin’ for around 10 years using it as my staple blusher and I was looking for a change!! *hides face*

All I can say is thank God for Snapchat! I follow the gorgeous songstress Justine Skye and get to peek all her behind the scenes there, which is where i got to see her Mac Cosmetics Collab’.

Through each 10 sec video, she selected all her fav products and tried them out on her spotless mocha skin and thats when i met ‘Film Noir’….

A deep velvety red, that can be used as blusher, contour and a transition for eye make-up – SOLD!!



About this product:

Rich warm chocolate [Matte] Continue reading

Back To Work #ootd

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Karrueche x Colourpop Beauty Review 

So apart from being all things “fashion” I thought it would be an amazing chance to share some beauty products that I am obsessed about!

I represent my own brand ‘Erica Matthews’ and always like to look my best. I love beauty products that are effortless and easy to use! So I will be reviewing products for the lady who doesn’t want to put 20+ Products on her face that only look good on camera and scare people when you meet them face to face!

Discovering liquid lipsticks was a dreeeam and I fell in love with a few shades from the Karrueche x Colourpop collaboration! *thanks to my sister for the bring-in*

Lets talk  ‘Kae’…


FINISH: Ultra Matte

SHADE: Nudes

How to apply:

Step 1: Make sure your lips are bare and dry!

Step 2: Apply matching lip pencil for a precise and perfected application.

Step 3: Apply Ultra Matte Lip with the applicator or your favorite lip brush. **For smoothest finish always exfoliate your lips first!

My Thoughts…

I had googled so many swatches of this product, so I was really confused when I saw the colour of the bottle. the product is very thin and lightweight and is best applied with care. But the pigment/coverage is insane!! the application is smooth and the product dries flawlessly matte!

“It’s very long wearing and completely kiss proof!”

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#BTS Glorylox Campaign Shoot!

Although I had a gruelling 8:30am calling call, yesterday I had an amazing campaign photo shoot with a high-end hair company called Glorylox.

The location… Was agh-maaaazing!!

I worked with three models, who represented three of Glorylox’s different customer profiles!

What I love about Glorylox is that they specifically offer customised high end hair/wigs to clients in need. I.e. Those with hair loss symptoms from Cancer, alopecia etc. As well as those who just want great quality hair!

I love working with clients who care and have amazing quality products. If I’m honest, I always try to work with clients who have products I’m excited about. I just feel more invested!!
Can’t wait to show you guys the final images!!

So happy about my amazing ‘thank you’ Gift!! I have the best clients!!

DIY Fashion Stylist Studio – Cut The Costs!

Huge apologies for the delay in getting posts out to you guys!

I’ve been very busy and have some great videos/posts that will be with you soon!

I’ve been super busy with clients and…. yes! Creating my own studio in my flat!
I thought it would be a great idea to share it with you guys in hopes that I can inspire someone else to cut some major costs and bills by creating the perfect working environment at home!










This was literally a lightbulb idea! working as a freelance I tend to slip into moments where i need inspiration and a space dedicated to my work. As i type I’m sitting on my sofa in my front room and need to know the healthy times to clock in and out of workmode!

I knew I wanted to go minimalistic, but I am a fan of earthy colours! So after deliberation, I went with ‘Black Pepper’ paint from B&Q. Continue reading

Personal Styling With Harvey Nichols!


I’m proud to announce that I will now be working with Harvey Nichols and offering Personal Styling!

What will you get:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 21.20.12 

 Please contact me on Styleme@ericamatthews.co.uk




Nude Basics #OOTD


Top by Topshop

Skirt by Forever 21

Shoes by Zara




Grey zone

Dress by @topshop
Bag by @hm
Shoes by @boohoo
Biker jacket by Divided Grey @hm
Hair by @hairbysleek

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Office casual 


Boots by @boohoo
Suit dungarees by @zara
Top by @topshop
Bag by @hm
Hair by @hairbysleek

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Casual Monday’s


Sunglasses by @primark
Top by @breakupboutique
Jeans by @bershkacollection
Heels by @zara
Hair by @hairbysleek




Casual Fridays #OOTD

Casual Fridays


Jumper by H&M

Skirt by ASOS

Bag by Zara

Hair by Sleek




Press Day Season

Press season is one of my favourite times of year as a Fashion Stylist!

During Press days I get an up-close and personal preview of designers next season collections. As if that wasn’t enough, this exclusive preview is usually accompanied by a cheeky glass of champagne, scrumptious finger foods and a goody bag!



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Celebrity Styling #TBT

I love having the opportunity to build up my Celebrity Portfolio. Last week I got the chance to work with celebrity Jamelia on an upcoming project.

Here’s a sneaky #bts shot of her! Stay tuned for the editorial!


Fashion Stylist Tips: Protect Your Pumps!

When I have to pack shoes for a shoot and want to protect them and the clothes (of course), sandwich bags are the PERFECT solution!

Thank me later! xxxo

Updates: Business Growth!

So, it’ been a crazy few weeks I must admit! I’ve been running up and down all over London, but I’m finally getting my life on track! 

But first… Some herbal tea… *sip*

So. After a few weeks of doing some YouTube fashion tutorials, I’m feeling super inspired and motivated by everyone’s responses!!

I’ve always had this ‘giving bone’ in my body and feel like my life isn’t as enjoyable if I’m not helping somebody or making a difference in someone’s life.

I’ve decided to expand my expertise as a freelance Fashion/ Celeb Stylist and Visual Merchandiser to include Fashion Mentoring through workshops and one-to-one sessions (and hopefully one day become a role model – cheesey I know!!). 

I want to offer structured fashion workshops, not only to budding fashion stylists and people currently in the job role. But also for those who are considering a career in fashion who want to hear directly from industry creatives.

I will also have workshops for those who want more knowledge on how to dress, body awareness I.e. Body shapes and what colours suit them, as well as trends etc.

I’ve had this amazing business idea in my head which entails some great brand partnerships! – I’ve actually been sitting on this idea for two years. Since then, it’s developed substantially and I definitely know much more now than I did back then… So everything happens in its own time.

So where does the Princes Trust come in?- I hear you ask!

Well, I’m still under 30 *gazes at my bodyclock* so I still have the wonderful opportunity of joining them to learn how to start up this new business! I completed the course – HORAY. So I’m feeling super optimistic!

How will they help me this time?

– Help me write a solid business plan beyond fashion styling

– Give me goal setting accountability

– Give me an objective point of view

– Offer me a business mentor

– Help me find funding

.. I truly am excited about the next few months of my life! My goals journal and Wellbeing diary are truly changing my life!


I am already doing some online studying in mentoring!

– Are you interested in going to workshops?

– Do you need a fashion mentor?

I really would love to hear from you!


Updated Office Look

Shoes by River Island

Bag by Zara

Coat by Missguided

Skirt by H&M

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Fashion Stylist Tutorials | How to Become A Fashion Stylist? part 2 – ‘Energy’

I think when you are job searching, it’s so important to look at the ‘job description’ to find out if you really have the tools for the job.

Well, it’s the same with styling.
It’s SO important to not get caught up in the glamour, but question yourself

“Do I Have What IT Takes?”

So, In this video I am covering the characteristic of ‘Energy’ and how it applies to the job!

I believe knowing you have these characteristics/ personality traits will give you a head-start in the industry, giving you the tools to master becoming a successful fashion stylist!



Fashion Stylist Tutorials | How to Become A Fashion Stylist? – Part 1 ‘Good Organisation’

As a Stylist, I get asked a lot of questions about what I have to do on the job. “How Do I Become A Fashion Stylist’ is probably the main question!

I think when you are job searching, it’s so important to look at the ‘job description’ to find out if you really have the tools for the job. Well, it’s the same with styling.
It’s so important to not get caught up in the glamour, but question yourself

“Do I Have What IT Takes?”

So, In this video I am covering the characteristic of ‘Good Organisation’ and how it applies to the job!

I believe knowing you have these characteristics/ personality traits will give you a head-start in the industry, giving you the tools to master becoming a successful fashion stylist!


NEXT VIDEO IS ON ENERGY! Continue reading