The first thing that came to mind for me was English heritage. This trendy gal reminds me of the goooorgeous florence with her fiery red hair.

I spotted this lady in office… yup again i say it.. OFFICE CROYDON!! funnily enough her colleague calls her ‘charity shop’.. tut tut. Any fashionista knows that the best things come from vintage. all these vintage boutiques we shop in were inspired by our very charity shops that sit on our streets. Forget embarrassing, like TK Maxx some charity shops are time-consuming to look through but you can reeeally walk out with some unique bargains..

Her use of Autumn/Winter key trend pieces make this outfit stand out! especially with her use of colour and texture. The faux fur scarf and khaki tailored harem trousers look absolutely gorgeous together. She has paired the tailored trousers with a sheer top which has a gorgeous leaf detail on it (gawwwsh i love attention to fashion detail!!). The outfit is perfectly garnished with her boy lace up shoes in a warm brown colour and her goooorgeous fiery red vintage updo!!

I am WON over with this look.. I just HAAAAD to stop her!!!

If you want to know how to do this quirky ‘Vintage Updo’ then take a look at this video… apologies for the long intro but i LOVE how this girl does it. You can also swap the chosen ponytail in this video for a bun or a like the above fashionista a twisted pony updo!!

“You Got PAPP’ED”

SCORE 10/10


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