Croydon is DEFINITELY a good place to be to get some style inspiration… And whats best than to walk past a group of friends who had their own individual looks… I absolutely LOVED their coats and just had to stop these ladies in their tracks!!

(starting left to right) The first lovely lady was wearing a floral vintage style coat which she bought from ‘sticky fingers’. The second lovely lady was wearing a simple chic grey coat from Krisp. The third lady .. May i say which IS my fav’ is wearing a coat from Oasis. And last but not least the fourth lady was wearing a hooded number from New Look

Keep an eye out for this gorgeous coat on Oasis… but get her look in these stores:




To share the spotlight.. I spotted this young lady in Croydon too sporting a goooorgeous Vintage Boutique coat in the same camel colour and wrap style.. THis colour looked absolutely gorgeous on her skin complexion.. BRAVO *grin*

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 10/10


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