And they say dreams don’t come true… (it wouldnt have killed me to put on make-up this morning!! *rolls eyes*

I literally can spot this guy a mile away.. but lucky me, I didn’t have to.. I bumped into gorgeous David Gandy on the underground today. What puzzled me more was that everyone was looking at me like a loony bin because I was in so much shock at actually meeting him … (realistically… I was doing my best to suppress the fact I was gasping for air and fighting not to jump him like the world was going to end tonight)..

Just like all od us ladies would imagine… He is a lovely guy.. led a lot of conversation & easy to talk to.. I must admit I am SUPER jealous, and Molly from the Saturdays is a LUCKY girl…. but.. I hope David Knows where to find me (contact me) If things unfortunately dnt follow down that road with her *wink wink* LOOOL! x

A kiss on the cheek.. a hug.. is something I was only dreaming of.. but it happened *smiles to myself*

he laughed his head of when I revealed that he DID NOT want to see my BB display pic at that moment! (it was him in the shower pic below).. (that pic is just one of those things that help keep us through the day!!) and he laughed his head of!!

 So heres a lil’ bit of David Gandy again!!




  1. A Lizzie Walker says:

    HOLY HELL! So jealous! I stumbled on to your blog, I was looking for yet more vids on Mr. Gandy. There is an entire group dedicated to his awesomeness. Loved your story and totally love your blog! Thanks for sharing 😉

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